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How to Control the ceramic Fiber Bulk Pollutionin India

India's fiber bulk generating pollution from picking started, constantly introducing contaminants pollute more or less 
followed the emergence from raw cotton processing and transportation of each step will be. Even picking process, 
women's hair will fall into the bulk. Fabric falling on them is now the largest source of pollution. Zurich International 
Union of textile weaving every two years to do a survey, they found that India's fiber bulk sources, mainly from jute 
lines, wiring hemp, jute fabric, burlap fabric, organic matter such as leaves, feathers, paper and leather, etc. 
Contamination of raw bulk inside

There are two possible contamination process: bulk cultivation process and ginning process, picking bulk in India 
mainly by artificial, so traces of oil, rust also entered raw bulk, machine repair process will occur contamination.
Open package or shipment of raw bulk

Poor quality Indian bulk packaging, bags doped with various fiber rope line, so this has become a cause of pollution.

Bags clean up

Bags before loading the package if they do not clean up, all kinds of substances, such as static towing, oil friction, 
optical dirt, wall friction accompanying impurities into the ground are likely to enter the cotton fiber dust, pollution.
Transport Location dust pollution caused frequent changes within the same warehouse fluttered colored material 
can cause serious pollution, and such contamination once stained cotton fiber, it is difficult to remove. Thus 
produced genuine cotton or textiles can only be defective processing. In addition, if the two products together in 
the same warehouse, mixed with each other is also difficult to avoid contamination.

When the machine maintenance caused by traces of oil grease contamination. Always remove parts machine 
maintenance, and above natural oil may also become sources of fiber bulk.