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Ceramic fiber cloth, our country need energy-saving building materials green low carbon development


Ceramic fiber cloth with good performance, not only can be used for lining the inner wall of the heat preservation heat insulation materials in high temperature apparatus sealing material, refrigerator insulation materials, building materials, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, oil insulation thermal insulation materials such as, can also be used for aviation, aerospace insulation, thermal insulation material, the prospect is very broad [1,2].

Due to its combination of inorganic fiber, so often need to use adhesive. Organic binder with acrylic resin, polyurethane emulsion, poly (vinyl esters and acrylonitrile and butyl acrylate polymer, polyvinyl alcohol and used, but these organic material under the high temperature, malodorous produce harmful gases, reduce paper quality etc., so also uses the colloidal silica and sodium silicate and aluminium phosphate inorganic binder [3].

In order to analyze different kinds of inorganic adhesive effect on the properties of ceramic fiber paper, the chosen alumina silicate sodium aluminum sulfate and ammonia three inorganic adhesive, and on them were pairwise experiments: liquid alumina and sodium silicate, colloidal alumina and water glass and colloidal alumina and aluminum sulfate - ammonia. The ceramic fiber paper physical properties for the determination of loss on ignition, to investigate the different effects of various adhesive systems with different kinds of adhesive and different adhesive composite papermaking ceramic fiber paper.

Building energy-saving energy-saving emission reduction effective way of building energy consumption accounted for than 28%, the high energy consumption, low standard of building energy conservation in our country, poor enforcement, the future energy-saving potential; building energy consumption is the main source of building energy consumption, decided to use the energy consumption of the main factors is the wall material; and developed countries ratio, our country currently used the proportion of new wall materials is very low, led to the huge difference between our country and the developed countries, building energy consumption.

Energy saving building materials industry life cycle of the development of building materials industry in China is in a similar background, and the development of low-carbon economy in China is in Copenhagen. The development of LOW-E glass, gypsum board, ceramic fiber and PVC is the four sub sectors in the future, and the future development of China is in the future.

Industry leading companies will get considerable development we think production capacity and market share in absolutely dominant position, have a certain monopoly advantage and management ability in the industry leading level of the industry leader, will enjoy growth, both in industry and the company. 

To give energy saving building materials industry, good rating as the two aspects of the energy saving and emission reduction and open source, energy saving building materials and new energy future growth space is huge, but the valuation of building materials industry is far lower than the new energy industry.