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Ceramic Fiber Insulated Heater

A. Description:

1. Flat Panel, Full Cylinder and Semi-Cylinder Ceramic Fiber Insulated Heaters consist of high quality helically-wound Fe-Cr Al alloy resistance wire elements embedded in a rigid body of vacuum formed high temperature refractory fiber.

2. The lightweight ceramic fiber insulation has very low thermal mass and thermal conductivity and thus can handle extremely rapid cycling. Elements are typically mounted flush with the heated surface.

3. The diameter of the helically wound element coil is kept to a minimum, reducing the difference between the element and chamber temperature, thus ensuring long heater life, and enabling the design and manufacture of extremely responsive heating systems.

4. All Fiber Insulated Heaters are 100% organic free and will not smoke or outgas when heated. Fiber Insulated Heaters are available in flat panel, full cylinder and semi-cylinder shapes - with several lead styles.

B. Advantages:

1. Low thermal conductivity and Good insulation;

2. Good fiber springiness and Low thermal shrinkage;

3. Combine electric heating elements and fiber insulation; 
4. Flexible and simple to use; 
5. Warming fast, saving the cost;

6. Electric insulation block is not only electricity but also heat insulation, 

combined electric heating power of metal alloy wire and heat insulation fiber together by special processing technology; 
7. It prevents traditionally tedious electric wire hanging structure.

C. Application:
Applications include Variable resistance heating furnace, Micro lab furnace, large scale heat treatment oven, Pipe line heating. Also semiconductor production, gem production, laboratory and research, annealing, sintering, heat treating, metal melting.

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