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Ceramic fibers are widely used

Ceramic fiber are widely used:
1, high-temperature electrical insulation.
2, fire doors, fire curtains, fire blankets, mats and then spark insulation covering fire and other sewn products.
3, various industrial furnace insulation door seal, mouth curtain.
4, high-temperature flue duct liner, expansion joints.
5, car engine shrouds, complex heavy engine exhaust pipe wrap, high-speed racing brake pads.
6, transport hot liquid, gas pumps, compressors and valves used in packing, gaskets.
7, high-grade office space in the archive vaults, safes and other important places in the insulation, fire barrier, fire automatic fire curtains.
8, aerospace, aviation industry insulation, insulation materials, friction brake pads.
9, cryogenic equipment, containers, piping insulation, parcel.
10, high-temperature insulation petrochemical equipment, containers, pipe insulation.
11, high-temperature environment of protective clothing, gloves, caps, helmets, boots and so on.
Widely used in ceramic fibers we'll introduce here, and I hope the above brief introduction can help you a little. Welcome to inquire more product knowledge, but also easy for you to make better choices.