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High alumina brick national classification standard analysis

High alumina brick, such as Al2O3 content higher than 90%, called corundum brick. Because of the different resources, the national standards are not entirely consistent. For example, the European countries of high alumina refractory materials specified Al2O3 content limit of 42%. In China, the content of Al2O3 in high alumina bricks is usually divided into three: 1, Al2O3, 75%, 60, 75%, 48, 60%, Al2O3, etc.. High R.U.L, low creep high alumina brick with high grade bauxite, high-grade refractory fused corundum, fused mullite as main raw material. The high aluminum brick products with high temperature creep, corrosion resistance is strong, has the advantages of good thermal shock stability, suitable for large and medium hot stove, it is China's new hot stove for high quality, high-grade refractory materials imported domestically under open up a road to success, has been included in the national level "spark plan" project