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How to distinguish the high quality corundum brick

Corundum refractory material with corundum as main material products, >90% content of alumina, corundum brick with its good chemical stability, excellent anti erosion ability, excellent wear resistance, is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, metallurgical industry, coal gasification furnace, slag oil gasifier, gasification furnace, carbon black pulp liquor the reaction furnace and other industrial furnace lining.

Safe well so small today to teach you how to distinguish between high quality and high alumina brick:

The bulk density corundum brick, abrasive particle size, particle composition, particle size, particle shape brand, etc.. In general, the coarse grain size is smaller, the smaller the gap between the particles and the smaller the density is. The bulk density of the mixed particles is greater than that of a single particle. The density of particles directly affect the density of corundum brick, the particle density is large jade brick density is larger, the actual density of corundum brick refers to the true density refers to the unit contained in the volume and quality of abrasive.

Corundum brick is a kind of important refractory brick, the application is very extensive, corundum brick, JK Blackstone production of good quality, price concessions, products are sold around the country, so the high quality corundum bricks which have superior performance?
1, alumina content, the higher the content of alumina, the higher the fire resistance, the better.
2, corundum brick has a very high temperature and pressure strength, good effect, directly affect the quality of corundum brick.
3, high temperature resistance, high softening temperature.
4, good chemical properties, has the acid, corrosion resistance, salt tolerance and other characteristics.
5, high quality corundum brick seismic effect is good, strong.
6, high quality corundum brick, good performance, the application is also very extensive.