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How to Identify High-Quality Polycrystalline Mullite Fiber

Pretend pretend to user to user the user the information sent back by the close paragraph of time, according to our sales department, with the high temperature refractory fiber industry boom will continue to improve, the market began to have some production capacity, quality assurance, no after-sales service "three noes" manufacturers or companies, through some of the heat treatment of high temperature refractory ceramic fiber knowledge understanding is not very comprehensive, through some of the heat treatment of high temperature refractory ceramic fiber application of risk, safety awareness is relatively low, through the network propaganda means low price induced heat treatment, the tolerance to low temperature resistant to high temperature, the poor quality of the products high quality, sold to heat treatment of users. High temperature fiber (polycrystalline mullite fiber, alumina fiber production process control requirements are relatively high, which glue: sol gel, and fiber: hot air temperature, pressure, speed, drying, heat treatment, hot processing temperature and time process data must control precision, or after use will appear fiber lined with severe contraction, powder, cracks and peeling off, resulting in the fire channelling. It not only damages the industrial furnace equipment, also caused the safety problems in industrial furnace, to heat treatment user brought no small loss.
Refractory fibre is a kind of a white fibrous lightweight refractory material, if not a professional general visual it is difficult not the quality of the material and high temperature levels, part of the "three noes" of the manufacturers or companies violate integrity management