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JK Group hope you have a unforgettable winter solstice

The winter solsticet is an important solar terms in Chinese Lunar, is also a traditional festival of Chinese nations,The winter Solsticet is known as “winter festival”. 

North Dumpling, South Tangyuan

The winter solstice as important as Chinese new year, so have many delicious food. North eat dumplings, and South eat Glutinous Rice Balls.

The former, we take Henan as an example. the winter solstice commonly known as "Pinch cold ear" in Henan. According to legend, Nanyang Zhang Zhongjing went home coincides with the snow, cold and bleak. He saw folks clothes do not cover the body, there are many people's ears were frozen rotten, very sad,so he ordered disciples pitched medical tent, is placed in the pot to cook with the mutton, pepper and some cold medicine, fish mince, using flour skin imaging ears look like, and then put down the pot cooked, charity to the people. After taking, the villagers ears were cured.

Later, on the winter solstice, People will imitate doing eating , it is the formation of the customs of eating dumplings, and also the saying "do not eat dumplings off the ears".
The South,We take Zhejiang as an example. When the winter solstice, the Zhejiang people eat "Winter solstice circle". In Taizhou,Tangyuan is the highlight, "Yuan" means "Reunion" and "complete", beating circle is made of glutinous rice flour, first glutinous rice powder and warm water to knead the dough, then pick a circular dumpling vinegar dish size of rubbing and cooked on roll in the bean powder mix, because the process of dialect called "grind", so the winter solstice circle called "Tangyuan", and bean powder is soy fried ground into powder and mix brown sugar, taste sweet and rich, with glutinous rice round Ruannuo delicate, an appetite.

In the Winter Solstice’s Day,Henan JK Refractory Co.,Ltd wish you and your family have a wonderful time. And hope you have a unforgettable winter solstice.