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The Application of Polycrystalline Mullite Fiber Board in Heating Furnace

In the face of the increasingly fierce market competition and the rise of the price of raw materials, energy consumption accounted for the proportion of the cost of the product is growing. How to make use of the resources and energy, reduce the energy consumption and realize the sustainable development of economy, it is an important question to discuss.

A steel iron and Steel Group in January 2002 on the heating furnace for technical transformation, from the original conventional heating furnace for regenerative heating furnace, the use of mixed gas single regenerative combustion mode, the furnace temperature can reach 1320 degrees Celsius, fuel consumption, although than before the transformation has been reduced, but the furnace heat efficiency, fuel consumption and other indicators are still not satisfactory, resulting in high cost of products. Therefore, from the reduction of heat loss, reducing fuel consumption and protect the top, prolong the service life of the burner brick, improve production capacity of the reheating furnace and the heating quality is considered, the 2005 using polycrystalline Mo mullite fiber for high temperature furnace top and side wall inner surface paste processing. After using a 2. At the top of the heating furnace only small cracks, is expected to the whole life of up to more than 5 years, the thermal efficiency also than before has greatly improved.