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The difference between ceramic fiber paper and ceramic fiber cloth


Ceramic fiber paper and ceramic fiber cloth are refractory insulation materials, can be used to heat insulation, how to better distinguish between ceramic fiber paper and ceramic fiber cloth, according to the accumulation and experience, can be in several aspects to distinguish:

1 appearance. Ceramic fiber cloth has a clear grid like, ceramic fiber paper is very little, and even no grid.
2 density. Ceramic fiber paper is greater than the density of ceramic fiber cloth.
3 thickness. Ceramic fiber paper is the most thin can be done 0.5mm, ceramic fiber paper can not do so thin, generally the most thin also has 2mm.
4 stand. Ceramic fiber paper can be like in our life that can be placed on the A4 paper, mold, stand up. Ceramic fiber cloth is like our life with cloth, very soft, does not have to stand.
5 tear resistance. The toughness of ceramic fiber paper is not good with ceramic fiber cloth.