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The important of corundum brick in Furnace

Corundum brick is mainly used alumina, fine quartz sand and sodium carbonate as raw materials mainly, and arc furnace for oxidation leaching method, mix the materials after melting refining, poured into the mould in condensation annealing cutting, grinding and pre assembled, the entire production process is complex, with the continuous development of our country, become the corundum brick the necessities of most chemical, the main parts of the furnace, the chute section is the main purpose. Its main characteristics and resistance to erosion test have a direct combination of corundum brick main crystal phase, due to the structure of dense in high temperature has a stable performance and corrosion resistance, and therefore the corundum to the other than other refractory brick, from the practice of metal casting, the temperature of corundum brick is one of the factors to control the structure of metal casting. In the production of electric melting refractory, corundum brick can not be won!