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three kinds of main ways of High alumina brick damage

High alumina bricks are widely used in high temperature industrial furnaces, such as steel,cement, ceramics,
glass, nonferrous 
metals, electric power, petroleum,chemical industry and environmental protection
industries, as the high temperature furnacelining with amorphous or amorphous alumina brick, in use in high
temperature or by the temperature change and upheaval, atmosphere is dust, vapor and liquid erosion agent
and slag erosion,corrosion, erosion conditions are very harsh,the shape is extremely complex. The damage
form is mainly reflected in the slag, treating agent reaction and the corrosion damage aused by the thermal
stress and the crack (Gui Lie)caused by the spalling damage. Among them, high aluminum bricks spalling
can usually be divided into simple spalling caused by thermal stress (also known asthermal spalling) and slag 
erosion caused by microstructure and thermal stress spalling force generated by the composite structure,
according to the observation of different conditions, found furnaces using high alumina brick is not damaged
slag corrosion (continuous),also tend to have fracture and exfoliation (non continuous). According to the above
, the general form of damage is sorted out and the following three basic types are classified.

1 Thermal and mechanical stripping, it is  refractory lining due to stress and the mechanical stress of the furnace
thermal stress of irregular cracks, resulting in high alumina brick lining the excessive damage.

2 Structure spalling, it is due to penetration of slag and the heating surface temperature fluctuation of the structural
changes, thus forming the unique structure of metamorphic layer,crack parallel with the heating surface in the
original layer and the metamorphic layer on the interface, and then make the high aluminum brick  lining layer with
spalling damage.

3 for melt flow, it is due to flow or wear with molten steel, molten iron and slag reacted with low melting point,
melting material, mainly due tothe generation of liquid phase and the surface erosion etc..

In addition, the whole lining cracks due to high aluminum brick body caused by the contraction, and the brick
lining due to the expansion contraction of refractory products used in the process caused by the joints or open,
is also the main reason causing the damage of the lining of the local fast.