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What Is Magnesia Brick?

What is magnesia brick? Is the so-called magnesia, magnesium oxide containing more than ninety percent of the refractory to periclase crystal based.

What are the characteristics of magnesia brick? First, because the magnesia brick is refractory to periclase based, periclase high melting point of 2800 degrees, so also has a high degree of refractory brick. Second, magnesia brick thermal effect is good, but the thermal conductivity increases with temperature decreased significantly. Third, a typical refractory magnesia brick is alkaline, alkaline slag corrosion resistance strong. Haicheng City, since the economic and trade limited company of cement kiln, steel mills, magnesia chrome brick factory copper smelter used, magnesia spinel brick, magnesia spinel brick, magnesia brick, refractory brick, the perennial supply of low price quality assurance.

We should note that, although the raw materials are calcined magnesia brick, but still has water resistance. Water resistance at high temperature of magnesia brick ability is lower, therefore, we should pay attention to waterproof.Because the magnesia brick high temperature performance, anti alkaline slag lime kiln capacity, so it is widely used in iron and steel industry, the construction industry in steelmaking furnace.

How to choose a good factory to buy a brick? This is really a headache. Because we are not professionals, not to identify magnesia, usually we can do that is to find a big factory like Henan JK Refractory Co., the best for having heard it many times. So that we will not be cheated, but do not worry about the quality of the magnesia brick. Of course, we will consider the price of the magnesia brick, can in the purchase of goods than three, after a comprehensive comparison, which is basically the price of magnesia brick.