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What is the organizational structure of the high alumina brick?

Generally speaking, the structure of high alumina brick is composed of solid material and gaseous hole. Porosity is an important factor to affect the properties of high alumina brick at room temperature and high temperature, especially at high temperature, the resistance to corrosion of the refractory brick is greatly reduced. The original is trapped: pore forming high alumina brick molding material in the air is not completely excluded; material removal of water left after space; calcining is not sufficient, some decomposition salts were not decomposed completely, should not completely burning burning ingredients; material composition is not uniform, high temperature sintering shrinkage uneven.

But in some light high alumina refractory brick and fire brick production, it also introduced some specific holes evenly distributed. The existence of the air hole has a direct influence on the porosity, water absorption, bulk density and air permeability of high alumina brick.