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Ceramic Fiber Module

  • Working Temperature (C) : 1000
  • Bulk Density (kg/m3 ) : 190-240
  • AL2O3 : 46
  • AL2O3+SiO2 : 97
  • Quantities can be customized

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Ceramic Fiber Module is made of fold or pre-cut Blanket stack bonded and squashing to form a module with cut edges exposed. The Module contains no any binders, can be connected with structures of kiln and furnace by Anchor. It’s easy to install and speed constructing lining of furnace.

Ceramic Fiber Module Characteristic
1.low thermal capacity, low density, shorter heat up and cool down time
2.Low thermal conductivity, saving combustion cost in the furnace effectively
3.High thermal stability, high resistance to thermal shock and airflow shock
4.Good mechanism strength and toughness, easy to install quickly.
5.The anchor installed inside, excellent safety.

Ceramic Fiber Module Tech Data 
Classification Temperature (C) 1100 1260 1430 1600
Working Temperature (C) 1000 1100 1300 1500
Bulk Density (kg/m3 ) 190-240 190-240 190-240 220-300
Chemical Composition (%) AL2O3 46 52-55 47-49 70-74
AL2O3+SiO2 97 99 / 99.5
AL2O3 + SiO2 +ZrO2 / / 99 /
ZrO2 / / 15-17 /
Fe2O3 <0.1 <0.4 <0.4 0.2
Na2O+K2O <0.5 <0.25 0.3 0.2
Product Dimension (mm) 600x300x150-300; 300x300x150-300

Ceramic Fiber Module Standard Size:
600x300x150-300; 300x300x150-300mm
Note: Other special size can be produced according to customers' requirement.

Ceramic Fiber Module Application
1.Steel industry:
types of furnaces including heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces ladle cover, annealing furnaces, bell-type furnaces
2.Ceramic industry:
shuttle-type kilns, end-fired furnaces, tunnel kilns and other types of ceramic furnaces, kiln cars, kiln doors.
3.Petrochemical industry:
cracking furnaces, convrting furnaces, constant/reduction press furnaces, flue pipes.
4.Heat-treatment industry:
annealing furnaces, normalizing furnaces, drawing furnaces, pit furnaces, kiln cars. High-temperature equipment, for example, pot furnaces, electricity resistance furnaces and other kinds of industrial furnaces.

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