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  • Ceramic Fiber Special Shaped Products
  • Ceramic Fiber Special Shaped Products
  • Ceramic Fiber Special Shaped Products

Ceramic Fiber Special Shaped Products

  • Brand Name : JK
  • Fiber Diameter : 3-5μm
  • Shrinkage (1800℉, 3h) : -0.3%
  • Density (kg/m³ ) : 160
  • Working Temperature : 1260C
  • Quantities can be customized

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 Ceramic Fiber Special shaped products were manufactured to satisfy fire-resistance and heat insulation of the special parts of the heating processing equipment. The products are non-brittle materials and have high intensity, accurate dimension and can be made according to demand of clients. Moreover they can directly contact flame with their good fire-resistance and heat insulation. The classification temperature ranges from 1, 050 to 1, 600
Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, and excellent thermal insulation property. High chemical stability, resistance to corrosion, excellent electric insulation property. Good flexibility and toughness, easy to cut or install shock. Good sound absorption and mechanism strength. Non-asbestos, low slag ball content.
Electric equipment: Thermal and electric insulation material for electric heating device, thermal resistance for sealing washer, insulation gaskets. 
Automotive industry: Sound absorber, thermal insulation and sound absorption function for auto exhaust pipe, heat shield. 
Furnace construction: Insulation, high-temperature material for industrial furnaces, ladles and submerged nozzle. Asbestos backup. Expansion joint sealing and filling insulation(vehicle, pipeline, door and so on), the ceramic fiber lining for high temperature furnaces or heating equipment.

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