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Fused Cast AZS

  • AZS—33 ZrO2 : 32
  • AZS—33 SiO2 : 16
  • AZS—33 Na2O : 1.5
  • Quantities can be customized

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Our company can produce serious specification fused cast 33#, 36#, 41# AZS block for glass furnace, and its output is over 6000tons per year. In the enormous working premises—more than 8000 square meters, there are one 6tons outside cooling electric arc furnace, high-power transformer, thaw craft with computer control system and internal advanced fused cast refractory umeral control grinding equipments according to its body producing ability.

Casting Techniques
Fused cast refractories are manufactured by melting oxide minerals in an electric arc furnace and pouring in liquid state into molds. During cooling and solidifying, a shrinkage cavity forms. ZDC offers a variety of casting techniques to meet different demands.

Label Process Name Description
PT Regular Cast Cavity is located under the casting scar.
OX Tilt Cast Cavity is located in one side, the other side is dense.
WS Void Free The zone where the cavity is located is sawed off.
ZWS End Cut Similar to WS, the cavity is almost sawed off.

Refractory AZS Zirconia Block Features
1. Casted by melting raw material in the mold, then cooling and solidification;
2. Strong glass corrosion resistance and high thermal shock stability;
3. Good wear-resistance,drags-resistance and alkali corrosion resistance;
4. High-purity raw material, less pollution;
5. Top quality, long service time.

Refractory AZS Zirconia  Block  Physical and chemical index
Item unit Properties
    AZS—33 AZS—36 AZS—41
    Y H Y H Y H
Al2O3   % Residual quantity
ZrO2   32 35 40
SiO2   16 17 13.5 14.5 13 14
Na2O     1.5 1.4 1.3
Fe2O3+TiO2+CaO+MgO +Na2O+K2O+B2O3     2.5 3.0 2.5 3.0 2.5 3.0
Glass phase exudate temperature C 1400 1080 1400 1100 1400 1150
% Thermal expansion rate 1000C 0.8
  1500C 0.8
Cold Crushing strength Mpa 350
Bulk density, g/cm3 PT,QX kg/dm3 3.40 3.30 3.45 3.4 3.55 3.50

Refractory AZS Zirconia Block  Applications
1. Sodium silicate furnace, ceramic frit furnace, glass furnace, etc;
2. Important parts of furnaces where chemical erosion is serious and temperature changes frequently;
3. Lining of glass furnace;
4. The chemical industrial, metallurgical furnaces.

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